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“Inside Tarot, secrets
to Tarot explained”

I am a professional Tarot reader and have been reading Tarot for over 20 years building considerable expertise.  Through my many years of learning, reading, and teaching Tarot, I have a gained a very
in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cards and how to interpret them.

In this book I will explain how I started on my spiritual journey
from a very early age, share with you some of secret symbolism of Tarot and provide you with the full benefit of my technical knowhow and experience.  I have included a list of an additional 20 do’s and don’ts, for a professional Tarot reader, that I would have benefitted from when I first started out. Also included are 4 useful spreads
I use successfully.


“So what’s the secret about?”


Very few books written about Tarot mention the additional symbols and shapes that appear within the Tarot pictures – these are the secrets of tarot.  Some are easy to see, and some are less obvious, but knowing what these symbols are and what they represent, will help you become a much better Tarot reader, even if you read professionally already or if you are just starting out. Effective Tarot reading is not only about memorising the card meanings and drawing literal or simplistic conclusions. Individual cards may be read in isolation but more often there is an association between the cards. There is significance in their position relative to each other and in their orientation (e.g. upright or reversed). Having the additional knowledge about these symbols will help you gain a better insight and thus give you more confidence when reading for others.


The other secret that I will share with you is how I connect with the energies around me through a step by step guide to meditation. In this meditation guide I will take you through the process of using crystals to clear and align your Chakra’s using crystals, which will enable you to reach a higher level of clarity and awareness, as well as make you feel and function better in your day to day life.


This book is combines some useful information for beginners with more sophisticated ideas and learning for those wishing to take their Tarot reading to a higher level.


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Disclaimer: I only give readings to people over the age of 18. I am not responsible for any actions taken by anyone receiving Tarot guidance from myself.