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Millions of Chinese have used Feng Shui for over 4,000 years to create more luck, success and harmony into their lives, nowadays millions of Westerners are also tapping into the powers of the Feng Shui guide. People pay £1000’s for Feng Shui experts to enhance their lives in this way.
This age old tradition has stood the test of time
it shows that, Feng Shui does work.

It is fun way to recreate balance, harmony and success in all areas
of your life into your home. You may see, I myself use the phoenix in my logo, which represents ‘Opportunity’ in Feng Shui, and I use lots of other good luck items in and around my home to create balance and success for all areas of my life. My clients, family and friends also enjoy the benefits of my experience.


Feng Shui (sounds like “ fung shway”) translated from Chinese means ‘wind and water’. It is the Chinese ancient art of placement of natural elements in your home and office which focuses on balance and harmony in your life. Ying and yang. By placement of items you create positive Chi (sounds like “Chee”) into your life and home/office to promote positive changes, balance and harmony for you and your family. Chi translated means ‘Energy’. (I have already talked about energy in my Tarot and Crystal’s explanation – here it is again- it all ties in together). In order for you to benefit from positive Chi, you will be required to move or add items to particular areas in your home in accordance to your Gua areas (sounds like Gwa).

I also use my crystals to compliment my Feng Shui practices.

Feng Shui areas Crystals/stones

Helpful people/ Travel - Moonstone

Career - Black Tourmaline

Skills and knowledge - Lapis Lazuli

Money - Amethyst

Fame / reputation - Garnet

Relationships/love - Rose quartz

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Your front door


As the diagram shows, each of your Gua areas are represented
with a colour, an emotion, and a natural element like ‘water, earth, fire, wood metal’ (again can you see the connections with Tarot in the elements used?). Feng Shui is about bringing all of these
natural elements into your home to create a balance in your lives.
There is no point in enhancing just ONE area, for example adding lots of things to your money corner because you want to be rich, because all the other areas will suffer as a consequence.
Its common sense really.

The main emphasis for Feng Shui in your home is to have it clean and not cluttered to allow the Chi to flow easily around your home.

Apart from the usage of colour, you can add other items to create luck in each area. For example

Dragons, the 3 legged frog, 3 Chinese coins tied with red ribbon, jade, water, green large leafed plants (money tree), mirrors and glass, goldfish, luxurious materials like silk, satin, velvet all represent career, money and prosperity. These items are best in your career or money area. Don’t forget to add the wood and water element. Fire, candles, lanterns, lava lamp, lights, pyramid, triangle or anything with points (knifes), cacti, trophies and awards are very good to have in your Fame and Reputation area. This area is not about being a famous star, it about being recognised for your talents.

Candles, Rose quarts, love hearts, photos, pictures, and paintings of lovers, couples or pairs of things together, fresh flowers or anything red or pink (non-aggressive) is good in you relationships and love corner. Don’t have any pictures of rain, tears, water or photos/pictures of single people here, it means being alone.

Your creativity and children area should have items related to metal, round items or white here. For example your keys and loose change, a round metal clock, tool box, a round yellow pot with a healthy green plant, pots and pans, earthy material, toys and games, arts and crafts or anything that relates to children. White and yellow are the colours for this area.

I don’t want to confuse you too much with too much information because Feng Shui can get quite complicated.  So here are a few basic hints and tips to improve yours and your family member’s;


 • Career

 • Knowledge and learning

 • Family relations

 • Wealth and prosperity

 • Reputation

 • Relationships and love

 • Creativity and Children

 • Helpful people and travel

 • Health


There are nine areas in your home that represent
each of these categories.

De-cluttering your Helpful people and travel corner will bring people to you who will be useful and practical, your travel arrangements will improve and you will feel that you are supported. Good items here are bells, metal containers, helping hands or holding hands ornament or picture, photos or pictures of your favourite places or places you’d like to visit. The colours in this area are silver, grey and black. Metal being the natural element. Anything blue or green (representing wood and earth) in the corner of your Skills and knowledge will work well. Books, healthy green plants, telescopes, TV, newspapers, lights, candles, computers, fresh fruit, mirrors or anything that represents knowledge and learning is good here.

The areas of your Health and Family should NOT be forgotten as it can be overlooked in many people’s homes and taken for granted in many peoples lives. Health and family is at the core of our existence, without them there is no point in having a great career and loads of money, travel and no one to share your thoughts and love with. It is dominated by the colours green, blue and black. Put things you can nurture here, like warm blooded pets and plants. Anything that is rectangular in shape or wooden is also good here.

In the middle of your home some books will tell you it’s you Core area or what grounds you, and some say it’s your Health area. It’s dominated by the colour yellow, a square shape and represented by the Earth element. What works well here are some lovely scented flowers, bowls of fruit, a medicine box, china, clay, crystals, candles, a fire or anything associated with natural produce in abundance.

I Hope these changes in your Bagua areas bring you harmony, balance and success as it has done for myself and my clients. Some of these items mentioned above can be found in my ebay shop Maggie Tarot. These items have been handpicked by myself and I use them in my own and other client’s homes to promote good luck. All items are competitively priced, good quality and new in package.

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In this page I will give you a basic guide on

 • What Feng Shui is

 • How Feng Shui can help you and your family

 • Guidance on how you can create better Chi (energy) in your home

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