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Crystals are much more than beautiful ornaments and pieces of jewellery. They’re powerful energy conductors (again the use of positive energy as with Tarot and Feng Shui). Our ancestors since the beginning of time have used them for jewellery, tools and for their healing qualities.

 In fact our modern day hospitals use quartz crystals in diagnostic and healing work. Crystals can also be found in today’s watches, radios and other electronic devices, used for their energising qualities. I always take great care of my many crystals, washing them regularly and putting them on my window ledge for a full month, to maximise on the sun and moon energies. I always use them when reading Tarot cards as each crystal has a different healing energy that myself or my client may need during or after a reading.

I couldn’t possibly give crystals their full respect in writing about them on a short piece of literature, so I will give you a guide on birth and zodiac stones. When choosing your own crystals, let yourself be drawn to them, look at the shape, colour and how they feel in your hand. It maybe that you need that crystal at that time of your life. For Crystals and gift related items please visit my ebay shop “Maggie Tarot” by clicking on the highlighted link.


Let’s start with the Birth months and Zodiac stones. I always like to give my friends a gift which has their Birth month or Zodiac stone included, as it more personal than a gift voucher.


January - Garnet (a semi-precious red stone which stimulates the blood for passion and creativity. Its known for its healing powers for the blood)

Capricorn – Turquoise and Garnet - explained

February - Amethyst (a purple/white crystal giving calming effects, protection and enlightening your intuitive abilities)

Aquarius - Onyx, Clear quartz (Onyx is usually black, but can be other colours, It helps with grounding and concentration. Clear quartz looks similar to glass, its qualities enhance spiritual awareness and promotes harmonising energies)

March - Aquamarine (Greenish/blue stone gives balance to your emotional, mental and physical aspects)

Pisces – Coral, Amber (Coral is red, white and pink in colour and promotes healing of the bones and eases emotional stress. Amber is translucent orange and helps you obtain your goals if used with intent)

April – Diamond (a precious stone which reflects all colours of the rainbow and chakra system. Promotes clarity, commitment, communication and prosperity)

Aries – Amethyst, jasper (Jasper can be red, green or brown, a reminder to meditate)

May – Emerald (a precious stone vivid green in colour. It’s an all-purpose healing stone that works well in meditation and dream work)

Taurus – Emerald, Carnelian (Carnelian is bright orange in colour it creates a balance for creative talents and mental focus)

June – Pearl (semi-precious found in oysters, it can be black, white or cream. It is the symbol of purity, integrity and grace)

Gemini – Aquamarine - explained

July – Ruby (a precious bright red stone which acts as a headliner of love, for self-love and adoration from others)

Cancer – Pearl, Moonstone (Moonstone is creamy white, blue or yellow, it channels new beginnings, a talisman for good fortune and protects travel)

August – Peridot ( a semi- precious olive, dark green stone which promotes prosperity in all areas of your life, especially affairs of the heart)

Leo – Ruby, Jade (Jade can be green, lavender, black, white, red or translucent in colour. This is the prosperity stone which improves health- largely used in Feng Shui)

September – Sapphire (a precious brilliant blue stone which clears the chatter of you mind, enhances your organizational and intuitive skills)

Virgo – Tourmaline (comes in all colours, Tourmaline is used in Chakra healing)

October – Opal (a semi-precious milky rainbow coloured stone which brings balance, peace and harmony to the user)

Libra – Sapphire and Opal - explained

November – Topaz (This master stone can come in many colours such as blue, pink, golden and white. It brings excellent, rapid information and healing powers to those with an open heart and mind)

Scorpio – Agate and Malachite (Malachite is rich deep green with veins of colours running through. Brings strong healing powers to physical health and heart, abundance is possible if working on the hearts desires)

December – Turquoise (blue/ green, turquoise in colour bringing heaven and earth combined to induce wisdom, trust and kindness)

Sagittarius – Topaz, Lapis Lazuli (Lapis Lazuli is dark blue with gold/white flecks. This stone opens your third eye and connects your heart with your head. It creates balance and independence in relationships.


Crown Chakra - Amethyst or clear quartz

Third eye Chakra – Amethysts or Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra – Aquamarine or turquoise

Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz, emerald or aventurine

Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine or tigers eye

Sacral/Navel Chakra – Amber or carnelian

Base/Root Chakra - Garnet, smoky quartz or red jasper

I also use my crystals to compliment my Feng Shui practices.

Feng Shui areas Crystals/stones

Helpful people/ Travel - Moonstone

Career - Black Tourmaline

Skills and knowledge - Lapis Lazuli

Money - Amethyst

Fame / reputation - Garnet

Relationships/love - Rose quartz

Creativity/Children – Clear Quartz

Family – Green Jade

Health and harmony - Citrine


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