How does the Tarot
work over the internet?


It’s all about energies.

To quote from Isaac Newton who formulated the laws
of universal gravitation and motion“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

We all know that energy can be channeled and directed from one form to another. We see it when we connect to the internet on our computers, we hear it when we listen to the radio, we feel the warmth when the heating in our homes click on, we smell it in our freshly washed clothes via a washing machine. All of these things use generated electrical energy transformed from one form to another. On a more natural level we know when energy is flowing from one form to another because we feel the heat energy of a run or work out. We feel the suns energy, witness the organic growth of plants and trees.  Our own physical body and brain produce massive amounts of potential energy that we aren’t even aware of.   Potentially, the energy from just one person could theoretically light up an entire city for a week!  None of us are quite sure how it works exactly - how that energy is channeled.  But we can see, feel and hear it working all the time. Think of a time when you have walked into a room and you feel the atmosphere is intimidating, or when you are thinking about someone and they call you, or when you are singing a song in your head and a total stranger walks by singing that exact same song. We are picking up on energies around us all the time, some we are conscious of, some we are not. When I am reading
Tarot for someone either face to face or over the internet, that is exactly what we are doing. Exchanging energies. I use the energies around me to guide the Tarot .The computer acts as a connector from you to me and back again. I hope you use my Tarot guidance and energy to make positive changes in your life and or to create harmony and love around you.


Hi I’m Maggie. Welcome to my Tarot website.
Here you can find out a little bit more about me,
my experience of tarot, how I got started
and why I am so passionate about it.


When and why I started?

I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years. I began learning when I was 15 years old and have been reading professionally since I was 19, but my story begins even earlier.


I have been developing my sixth sense, since I was a young child. My Grandma Donnelly, who also had a strongly developed sixth sense, called it “our gift”. She encouraged and taught me how to develop and control the “gift” and not to be frightened of it or the energies around me. She used her “gift” to read the tea leaves to family and friends.  She was a lovely, warm influence who worked in the grocery store and baked the most amazing shortbread. I still feel her presence around me to this day and still bake

her shortbread. I continued to use my “gift” throughout my childhood and early teens but still had difficulty channeling it properly, until I was introduced to the Tarot.  I immediately took to Tarot and after studying the cards meanings and practicing my exciting new skills,
I was finally able to channel my intuitive “gift”.  During this period,
I also learned and practiced meditation in order to maintain focus and control unwanted energies. This had a positive impact on my Tarot reading skills and how I coped with life’s ups and downs.  With my Tarot and meditation skills in tune, I found that I was now able to help people and provide guidance and support.  It was truly starting to feel like a “gift”, as my Grandma promised it would.


After completing my education, I began work as a family and childcare support worker, helping children and families through difficult periods of their lives.  This I did this for 17 years.  During this time  I moved to England from Scotland, married , had two lovely boys,  but always maintained my Tarot reading and developed my interest in other, complimentary spiritual and healing phenomena such as Feng Shui, Astrology, Crystal healing, Chakras, Reiki, Reflexology, Cosmic Ordering, Candle Magic and Yoga.  All of these phenomena are concerned with channeling positive energies and using them to your advantage.
I strongly believe in fate and all through my life, fate has brought particular people to me who have helped and supported me on
my life path.  All of us at some
time in our lives have need of or would benefit from guidance, clarification and advice.


We look for explanations and reason.  Tarot is a simple distillation of all the influences, fates and choices that are facing us in our everyday lives – this is what Tarot can provide for you.   I can offer a personalize reading for you , perhaps on a particular issue or I maybe someone that can help you to develop your own gift.  Many people have an intuitive ability, a sixth sense and some of us have simply developed it more than others.  I am a normal person with an enhanced gift that I have combined with practical knowledge, experience and a good ear.  If you would like a reading from me, please read the options guide on my packages for all of my rates and special offers.




For anyone interested in learning how to read tarot cards, I have explained the basic meanings of Tarot’s 78 card. For access to the FREE quick startup guide, follow the link on my home page. For a more in-depth guide to Tarot meanings and to improve your ability to read Tarot intuitively, my ebook, ‘Inside Tarot - Secrets of in depth Tarot reading Explained’ is available for purchase on Amazon by following the link. My book will give you more information on symbolism used throughout Tarot, 20 tips on dos and don’ts when reading for other people, 3 useful card spreads, meditation skills
and more. I’ve enjoyed learning about and reading Tarot for most
of my life, I know you will too. Don’t be afraid of it, it’s a fun and useful tool which may also benefit your friends and family too.
All the best for the paths that you choose.


Maggie x



       Maggie Tarot

How can tarot help me?

 • Outlook for jobs/careers.

 • Decision making – how to avoid pitfalls.

 • Management of money/ control of finances.

 • How to find happiness and inner peace.

 • Health and lifestyle changes.

 • Learn tarot as a fun, positive hobby.



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