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Hello, I am Maggie.
A warm welcome to my website.

I have been successfully been reading Tarot for over 20 years and
I am the author of the book "Inside Tarot", see link to buy at Amazon.
I have produced my own Meditation CD and I feel blessed to be
chosen as Head Psychic and manager by Derek Acorah for his online site Psychic Ether.

I have always been intuitive and have had a curiosity of all things spiritual since picking up on energies as a child. I was helped by my intuitive Grandmother (who read the tea leaves) but needed to learn more. Picking up Tarot at 15 years old was just par for the course of
a lifelong learning passion.


A tarot reading with me will not just foretell present and future events, but I will advise you on how to overcome your barriers which prevent you from experiencing your optimum happiness in life. For a longer reading I can advise you on which crystals to use for each situation, candle magic and Astrology matches. This can help with love, money, careers, family disputes, house moves, and pain from loss and general uncertainty of which direction to take in life. My regular customers receive a free Angel Crystal keyring gift for good Luck.


I also work a lot with Astrology and moon cycles through my readings and can advise you on the best times for you to start a new job/ relationships or new project and when best to leave things be until the time is right to sort things out. With my 16 years experienced working with troubled children and families for the local authority, there is nothing I haven’t heard, helped with and dealt with in people’s lives. I am not judgemental of your life, I just want to help move you forward.

Since gaining my PTTLS a qualification to teach adults, it has been my pleasure to teach others. Please subscribe to my Newsletter for details on my courses or email me.


I am also a qualified Angelic Reiki Healer and Crystal Healing Therapist - which uses the powerful crystal energy for healing. My sessions will not only leave you rested and feeling in balance but ready to face day to day challenges with confidence. My prices are £40 per hour, but I suggest an hour and a half for your first session at £60. Please contact me for more details on how to book.


For over 10 years I have been using Feng Shui to help people create balance and harmony within their homes, create more wealth in their lives and help with love and relationships. Please contact me for pricing on this also –as it very much depends on need and location for me to help with this.


If you are looking for a Pamper half day package deal that incorporates my Reiki/crystal healing, Tarot reading, a look at your personal Astrology Chart,  refreshments and a chat please look at Option 6 on my price list. This has proven to be a great present or treat for yourself to just chill and focus on you. People refer to this as “ME TIME”. Which we all need in our busy lives from time to time.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Love and Light

Maggie x 

My advice, if you are new to or learning
more about Tarot, is to use a simple colorful deck like Riders Waite Tarot deck or
Celtic Tarot deck. Get to know your cards very well, study the meanings but also read and feel what they mean to you when
looking at the pictures. More...

Free guide

to Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystals are much more than beautiful ornaments and pieces of jewellery. They’re powerful energy conductors (again the use
of positive energy as with Tarot and Feng Shui). Our ancestors since the beginning of time have used them for jewellery, tools
and for their healing qualities.


I sell crystal jewellery

and Angelic sprays

Millions of Chinese have used Feng Shui
for over 4,000 years to create more luck, success and harmony into their lives, nowadays millions of Westerners are
also tapping into the powers of the
Feng Shui guide.  More...

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Phone Maggie on: 07850 634470 or email: maggiehooley@hotmail.co.uk


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Disclaimer: I only give readings to people over the age of 18. I am not responsible for any actions taken by anyone receiving Tarot guidance from myself.